The Enka Center property consists of 375 acres that made up the former BASF/American Enka complex. The main entrance to the proposed new development will be from Highway 19/23 and will feature a new 5-lane bridge over Hominy Creek. 

In addition to providing space for the important revitalization of industry in our area, at the heart of this planned development is the vision to create a vibrant community hub of business, jobs, recreation and retail. With six Buncombe County Schools within a five-mile radius and more than 850 homes in adjacent Biltmore Lake and surrounding areas, community was an important aspect of the planning process.

To that end, a major anchor element of the Enka Center–the Bob Lewis Ballpark–has recently opened, providing community engagement and activity for local families and visitors alike.  Lights are presently being installed on the fields, and the Grand Opening celebration of the ballpark is slated for July.

Plans are also underway for the new Enka Heritage Trail Greenway, which will provide two miles of walking and nature trails surrounding Enka Center & Commerce Park for the community, business owners and employees to enjoy. 

With these recent and upcoming additions to Enka Center & Commerce Park, we are pleased to see the seeds of the plan, planted more than a decade ago, come to fruition. 

With the project nearly 85% complete, there a just a few remaining tracts (approx. 65 acres total) available for industrial or retail sites.

History of Enka Center

For information, please contact Martin Lewis at 828.274.2479.