Bob Lewis Ballpark

It all started in 2007 with a simple handshake between friends.

That handshake between Bob Lewis and the President of Colbond was for the sale of 200 acres located at what is now called Enka Commerce Park to Bob and an investment group.

When determining how to best utilize the property, Bob’s son remembered a conversation with County Officials regarding the need for a ballpark almost 20 years earlier. As the father of a travel baseball player, Bob’s son visualized a youth ballpark that would rival all other parks, a park that would be state of the art with the highest quality programs and services, a place for travel teams and the community to come together and create memories that would last a lifetime.

The vision was shared with the ownership group, and they agreed to give almost 100 acres of the land as a gift to the community for a future ballpark.

Work began with community volunteers, donors, and government entities, uniting numerous organizations and people. Finally, the ballpark became a reality with a matching grant from the Tourism Development Authority, combined with county and community funding.  The Park opened in July 2018.

​Little did Bob know what an incredible legacy was being created on the day of that handshake.  A legacy fueled by generosity, a vision, and a grandson’s love of the game.

​Today finishing touches are being made at the Bob Lewis Ballpark.  The Park itself is operated by a non-profit group, the Enka Youth Sports Organization.  This group works to maintain the park, provide programs and services, and pay back loans secured through the building process.

​Bob Lewis Ballpark may be new to Western North Carolina, but its beginning is one rooted in old-fashioned values, people who care about the community, partnership, and people who understand the amazing impact baseball and softball can make in the life of a child.

Part 1: Construction

Part 2: Completion

Bob Lewis Ballpark

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